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Days Gone: What should you expect?

Posted on November 17, 2017 at 7:39 pm

Two years have passed since the apocalypse occurred which turned everyone into mindless-flesh-eating corpses (including wolves and bears). Our story this time follows Deacon, an outlaw rider that has abandoned his previous life and is now a dedicated bounty hunter that is tracking and hunting down his targets through every danger that arises in this new world.

Breathtaking scenery and amazing graphics are combined along with the open-world and adventure mechanics to give you the experience of a classic. There is no way you are getting bored playing this game, the adrenaline rises through your veins every time you are chased by zombies.

After playing this one for many hours we assure you that it is the epitome of the quote ”Video games are High-Class Art”, we would gladly spend double the time exploring the dense forests around on our bike and you will too!

5/5 for us!

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