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Prey-PS4; Gaming review

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 1:19 pm

Prey for Ps4 is the perfect marriage between science fiction and art. The gaming is set in a space station called Talos that is revolving the moon in 2032. The prelude to the game explains how a human experiment goes wrong and now you are stuck there. Aliens overrun the station and to survival, you have to either run away or kill them. Sincerely, it is an interesting game picking its motivation from all the important places.

Prey is both fresh and emotionally involving. Exploring the gaming environment feels great and is completely immersing. A danger is always hanging in the air. To deal with the danger, you have two approaches the combat way or the stealth method depending on your gaming style. Personally, I prefer a blend of both.

The story mode before the gameplay gets you in the zone. Interesting characters that keep the game moving, later on, are introduced. This creates a rapport between them and you from the word go. Additionally, the twists in the storyline are totally unexpected they leave you questioning everything.

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