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Pokemon Go: Its coming.

Posted on February 27, 2017 at 11:42 am

The much awaited game of the year is finally coming out as gamers from across the world gets ready to dig their time on Pokemon Go. It’s a game developed by Niantic which is running successfully ever since its launch. It has been launched on two platforms, the IOS and Android. It is an augmented reality game where the gamers could feel like the Pokemon are in the real world. It has an awesome gameplay and you need to switch on your location in order to catch local Pokemon.

Some of the problems for this game is it consumes a lot of your Mobile’s battery. Another aspect is that it’s an online augmented reality game, meaning you need to go to various places in order to catch Pokemon. Moreover, some countries have yet not given permission to run the game in their country so some gamers need to wait for some more days in order to play the game.

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