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Prey-PS4; Gaming review

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 1:19 pm

Prey for Ps4 is the perfect marriage between science fiction and art. The gaming is set in a space station called Talos that is revolving the moon in 2032. The prelude to the game explains how a human experiment goes wrong and now you are stuck there. Aliens overrun the station and to survival, you have to either run away or kill them. Sincerely, it is an interesting game picking its motivation from all the important places.

Prey is both fresh and emotionally involving. Exploring the gaming environment feels great and is completely immersing. A danger is always hanging in the air. To deal with the danger, you have two approaches the combat way or the stealth method depending on your gaming style. Personally, I prefer a blend of both.

The story mode before the game play gets you in the zone. Interesting characters that keep the game moving, later on, are introduced. This creates a rapport between them and you from the word go. Additionally, the twists in the storyline are totally unexpected they leave you questioning everything.

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PES 2018: What to expect?

Posted on June 12, 2017 at 5:55 am

It’s always tricky to write about football games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer but we’re going to try and give you an insight into the latter here. Pro Evo has always just had minor improvements with every release, so it can be tricky to get excited about it, but that’s only until you play the game!

All of these minor improvements work together to give the game a completely new feel this time, whether that be more realistic tackles, more control over runs and passes or improvements with regards to the realistic features of players. In 2018, the gameplay is more real. It’s not quite as fast, whilst the goalkeepers are more varied in their actions. As always, it’s more difficult to work clear shots on goal, however, that’s really part of the fun. You have to spend some time learning this new engine before you can call yourself a Pro, but on the whole this game is a big improvement on the last.

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Dragon Quest Heroes II – Our thoughts on this action adventure

Posted on May 27, 2017 at 1:07 pm

Dragon Quest Heroes II is everything you expect it to be if you played the first game. It’s fast paced with bold visuals and tough characters. That said, not everything in this game is similar to the last release , and one of the major changes is the type of adventure. This time you’re trying to restore peace in a very chaotic world, with monsters coming at you left, right and centre! What’s great about this game is that you can have up to 4 players in a team, working together to defeat those scary monsters. With many lovable characters too, and plenty of enemies, this game has it all, whilst there are some new faces in the mix this time round too. Though Dragon Quest Heroes is never going to be a game that challenges at the top of the gaming charts, it’s still lovable for people of all ages, from children to young teens and adults.

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The Deer God – Oddly addictive

Posted on April 29, 2017 at 12:09 pm

Humans have always had a special liking to hunting, with the deer being one of the most harassed animals over the years. So you can imagine how horrible it would be, to be the deer being hunted! The Deer God for PS Vita is a game that lets you experience just that. The setting is that you are a hunter in pursuit of deer, when the Deer God transforms you into a deer and the tables are turned.

So you start off as a fawn in the 3D world and grow up as a deer. In this unusual thriller, you’re taken to an entirely different world. One that is randomly generated having all life forms including the bear, tiger, rabbits and caterpillars. You have to survive the nature, the dangers of the night and the adventures of the day. You even have to survive a hunter. Being a survival game, there is no set goal or an end to the game. However, there are environmental puzzles and tasks and it will be enough to keep coming back for more.

Deer God that’s a good game!

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Pokemon Go: Its coming.

Posted on February 27, 2017 at 11:42 am

The much awaited game of the year is finally coming out as gamers from across the world gets ready to dig their time on Pokemon Go. It’s a game developed by Niantic which is running successfully ever since its launch. It has been launched on two platforms, the IOS and Android. It is an augmented reality game where the gamers could feel like the Pokemon are in the real world. It has an awesome gameplay and you need to switch on your location in order to catch local Pokemon.

Some of the problems for this game is it consumes a lot of your Mobile’s battery. Another aspect is that it’s an online augmented reality game, meaning you need to go to various places in order to catch Pokemon. Moreover, some countries have yet not given permission to run the game in their country so some gamers need to wait for some more days in order to play the game.

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Nioh: A must buy game in 2017

Posted on January 31, 2017 at 1:33 am

For anyone who has gotten their hands on a PlayStation 4 in the past few months, being on the lookout for new games to play (and platinum) is a constant thing. There’s no doubt that 2017 will bring some awesome new games, but one game to get particularly excited about is Nioh, which was developed by Koei Tecmo Games.

Nioh is a new role-playing game that drops on February 7th of 2017. In the game, players play as a warrior named William, and must survive in Japan during a brutal civil war. The player has more to worry about than war, though, because he or she must also battle ghastly demons and other warriors who are dedicated to being the last man standing.

A key aspect of the game that makes it stand out even more is the graphics. The graphics within the game are vibrant and life-like with out-of-this-word special effects. The demons are truly grotesque and if showed to the wrong audience, might even cause nightmares. Okay we’re joking but they are good. To get a grasp on how amazing the graphics are, you can find gameplay stills online. Speaking of demons, though, there are more than one type of demon in the game, and each is defeated in a different way.

As of right now, there is no word on whether or not the game will be developed for other gaming platforms. For now, it’s exclusively a PlayStation 4 game, so gamers without a PlayStation 4 are really going to miss out.

Overall, Nioh is pretty much a must buy game for anyone who loves a challenge, war, or big swords and Samurai warriors. If those aren’t your style and you prefer to admire the art within a game, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. As long as you aren’t squeamish, this game is bound to have something of interest to you.

Happy gaming!

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