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Addiction to Gaming? Flaws in playing computer games

Posted on October 4, 2015 at 8:43 am

The addiction of continuous gaming in children leads to a number of disadvantages that can be summarised below :-

· Apathy in Studies: Continuous gaming leads to lack of interest, i.e, apathy in studies which is not a good sign for a child.

· Change in behavioural patterns: It leads to the development of introvertism in children. They don’t interact much socially and also mood swings are on a high.

· Waste of leisure time: Children uneccessarily put in a substantial amount of time into gaming which is not worth and the necessary things or the priorities of life eventually suffer.

· Disturbance in regular routine: The regular routine of the life changes and its affected abruptly and immensely due to gaming.

· Poor health habits: Reccuring act of gaming leads to poor healthy healthy habits and influences the eyesight, hearing and also the metabolism of the child.

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