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Building a set of business objectives for a gaming review site

Posted on May 13, 2015 at 8:29 am

If you’re a growing PC gaming review website, then you should take advice of the below which is an edited version of the business objectives for a past PC gaming website;

“As a growing website we have to ensure that we can keep up with the regular tasks that are upon us. Until we get these PRIMARY factors nailed, we cannot go forth. Please make sure every effort is included because like I said, if you treat this like a 2 week wonder you might as well sign off. Carry on with achieving the basics, and then we can look onto the more advanced parts. This may even be a post that hasn’t been published on time or a lack of interaction between us and our social networks.”

 Continue to publish ATLEAST 120+ articles a month to stay competitive.

 Continue to take an ACTIVE role within the team.

 Continue to REVIEW at least 1 game per month per journalist. (6 Reviews per month is a good figure)

 Continue to publish articles ONTIME on require time slots

 Continue to react correctly to unpredicted CHANGES, such as decrease in page views.

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