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Counter-Strike:GO Crate Unboxing!!!

Posted on April 13, 2015 at 8:11 pm

Sweeping internet video streaming sites is a unique past-time called crate unboxing watching.

Opening a crate in Counter Strike is essentially like pulling the lever on a fruit machine. To open a crate the player needs to buy a key (about £1.30) they then need to use the one-time use key to open the crate. Crates are dropped randomly in-game but can also be purchased for a few pence.

Upon doing so a moving panel of Counter Strike items ticks past on-screen. The player then just waits and prays to Gaben (an inside joke for players) for the ticker to stop on a hopefully rare item.

It is admittedly addictive to watch people who’ve sometimes spent hundreds on keys and crates, to go on a unboxing spree, opening them in rapid succession and getting that little adrenaline buzz each time the ticker slowly passes by a StatTrak AK-47 Cartel.






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